Tame Foxes


There’s nothing remarkable about the video, until you realize that the animal the woman is holding is not a dog, but a fox.  This particular fox (a Silver fox) is one of the subjects in a Russian experiment involving fox breeding that has been running continuously since 1959.  Foxes normally display fear and avoidance behaviors towards humans but, starting with a group of 130 farm-bred foxes, the researchers have systematically selected and bred those foxes who were least aggressive and most interested in humans.  As more and more generations were bred, the tame foxes began to act in a manner that was virtually indistinguishable from dogs.  These foxes are not trained, and are only allowed a certain amount of time with humans every day to perverse the purity of the research.  Personally, after watching this video, I’m ready to jet off to Russia and (assuming that I actually could purchase one, which I highly doubt) come home with a tame silver fox to add to our family.

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