How to Avoid Eating the Halloween Candy Before Halloween

CandyWe’ve all been there–normally, concerned with keeping our weight down and staying healthy, we don’t have candy lying around the house.  (After all, the easiest way to make sure that you don’t eat something is not to have it on hand).  But then October rolls around, and you buy a very large bag of candy to distribute to the kids who come knocking at your door.  Since it’s such a large bag, you figure that one or two candies couldn’t hurt, and that you deserve a treat since your diet has been going so well.  But then one or two candies turns into three or four, and suddenly you’ve eaten nearly the entire bag, meaning both that you need to buy more candy to hand out on Halloween and that you’re left petrified as stare into the mirror.  Below is a list of ways to keep yourself from eating all of the Halloween candy before Halloween.

1.  Don’t buy it until October 31st. 

2.  Once you’ve bought it, hide it.  There is some truth to the old adage:  “out of sight, out of mind.”

3.  Buy candy that you don’t like.  Depending upon your tastes, this may be more or less difficult to accomplish.  Personally, I’m quite picky, so it’s easy to find that candy that I would never willingly consume.

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