Low-Cost Activities for the Kids

Happy KidsIn these difficult economic times, it may seem as though you simply can’t afford to do anything special for your kids.  Gone are the days when you blithely took them to the theme park or to the zoo every weekend, and you may feel as though your are short-charging your children.  Cheer up!  For young children in particular, they don’t care about fancy gadgets or expensive bells and whistles–all that they care about is having fun.

1. Park  Going to the park is a cheap way to have fun.  Over the past several weeks, I’ve literally seen about half-a-dozen birthday parties being held at my local park.  Invite your child’s friends, grab some snacks, and head over.  Either unleash the kids, or try to have a list of games that they might consider playing once they get there.

2.  Matinee  Movies are expensive, but matinees are far less expensive than evening shows.  Your local movie theater might also have a specific weekday (Wednesday is a popular one) when movies are cheaper in order to encourage business.

3.  Picnic  Take your family on a picnic.  Particularly if this isn’t something that you do very often, kids tend to love the novelty.

4.  Bake  Make something–cookies, a cake, a homemade pizza ect.–with your kids.  Young children usually love getting the chance to bake something with Mommy, and relish the sense of accomplishment from getting to help make some delectable dish.

5.  Dress-up  If you have little girls, pull out some of your old clothes and costume jewelry and allow your daughter to go wild.  If you want, you could even turn it into a mini-fashion show.

6.  Games  I’m not talking about computer games here–I mean old-fashioned board games.  You might also offer to teach you child to play something new (like chess or checkers).

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