A Gallery of Amazing Cupcakes

In this gallery of amazing cupcakes, you will see how cupcakes are evolving and becoming more creative! Cupcakes are becoming as trendy as designer clothing. Between TV shows that actually spotlight just cupcakes and celebrities endorsing them, it’s no wonder cupcakes are becoming more and more crafty.

Did you ever have a cupcake social? It’s a great idea for moms to have a girl’s day with friends and the family! Send out invites asking each friend to bring a themed cupcake. Ask the kids to be the cupcake judges and award the winner with a gift certificate to a local bakery. How is that for family fun? Here are some ideas for a cupcake social, birthday, bake sale, or just for kicks! These cupcakes are so amazing, they’re almost too creative to eat! Though these cupcakes are truly a work of art and may (or may not) be a bit too difficult for you to create, they are certainly fun to share with the family!

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