Family Getaway to the Grand Canyon

When I moved to California, I was amazed at all of the sites and attractions I heard about throughout my life. I remember the first time I looked to my right and there it was- the Hollywood sign. I turned to my left, Wow-Hollywood Boulevard! I remember the first time I dipped my feet into the Pacific Ocean and drove through Malibu. It was surreal. Wow! I’m in Los Angeles! I certainly didn’t live a sheltered life before moving to Los Angeles. I had great family vacations growing up, but Los Angeles seemed so…big. Since moving here, there are still parts of California I have to see. I’ve been to Las Vegas a handful of times (and saw Vegas even before moving here).

My family came to visit from the east coast. We drove from California to Nevada, then to Arizona. We went to the Hoover Dam (absolutely amazing) and drove to the Grand Canyon. Just sitting here writing about the Grand Canyon gives me the chills. I expected the Grand Canyon to be big-very big. Once we reached the actual canyon, it almost felt unreal.

Where am I? Is that a bull? Is this a dream?

The sights and history of the Grand Canyon are absolutely euphoric. It is, hands down,. the most amazing place on earth. The Grand Canyon is the most astonishing natural feature on Mother Earth! The steep-sided ravines that are engraved by the Colorado River are almost unimaginable. Again, I expected big. I didn’t expect that “is this real?” feeling. There were certain moments where I felt as if I were standing inside of a photograph. I remember once our group got to the top of the canyon, you didn’t hear many tourists talking. They were as blown away as I was, I’m sure of it. The colors and depths of this giant wonder make beautiful photos, but seeing the Grand Canyon for me was far beyond what I expected. Did you know the Grand Canyon is about 6,000 feet deep? Seeing it is crazier than it sounds!

I highly recommend the Grand Canyon to you and the family. Not only is this landmark educational; it’s fun, wild, and absolutely memorable!



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