Happy Father’s Day! Things to do With Dad

It’s almost Father’s Day – did you remember to go out and buy a card for dad? If not, you better hurry out and get one before the good ones are all gone! What else do you have planned for dad? Since you seemed to have procrastinated with the card, there’s a good chance you don’t have anything else planned. Luckily, there are several great options you can plan in a pinch to make dad feel special.

1. Plan a picnic. Maybe there is a place that dad likes to go and hang out. It could be the park, it could be at a baseball game. Grab a basket, get ahold of some food – whether you make it or buy it is up to you – and head out for a sunny spot.

2. Catch a baseball game. If you live in a medium sized town, chances are there is some kind of minor league baseball team. Get a few tickets and take your dad, maybe even a grandpa or some uncles and cousins. Make it a fun day for the male relatives in the family.

3. Try for some fish. Everyone lives near some kind of body of water, whether it is a lake, a pond, a river or an ocean. Buy some bait, a few snacks, grab your poles and your dad and spend some time reeling them in.

4. Watch the NASCAR race. Auto racing might be a hobby, so plan a day around the race. Get out the grill and cook your lunch while the cars spin around on the track. If you are lucky enough to live close to the race (in Michigan), then maybe you can even get tickets!

5. Another way to spend some time with dad without a whole lot of planning is to hit the fairway. Grab the set of golf clubs and take dad out for 9 or even 18 holes at his favorite course.

Can you see what all of these ideas have in common? Time. Go spend time with your dad and make sure to tell him that you love him.

Happy Father’s Day!!

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