Take in a Memorial Day Activity

Sometimes we get too focused on the fact that there is a long weekend coming up and forget what it is actually for. Memorial Day was set aside as a way to remember those who have fallen in war times after the World Wars decades ago. The holiday used to be marked by memorial services, parades, military events and even grave site services. Nowadays, the day is usually spent at the beach, at the park, grilling or even packing up from a weekend of camping.

You can still enjoy all of those things, but how about combining it with a special Memorial Day activity? Many small communities still host parades through the area, with veterans marching and bands playing patriotic music. It might not be a huge event like that one Turkey Day parade is, but does big make it more meaningful? No.

You could also participate in a Memorial Day remembrance service. VFW Halls (Veterans of Foreign Wars), religious groups and even veteran’s groups sometimes host these services in a park or near a memorial statue. The service is usually short and sweet and honors those who lost their lives to keep America free.

If you can’t make it to one of these types of events, at least mention the reason for the long holiday to your kids. They will never have to worry about their freedoms because of the sacrifice generations older than them made. The United States will always be the land of the free BECAUSE of the brave!

Happy Memorial Day!

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