Take the Family Camping!

A three day weekend is coming up and what better way to enjoy it than by having a camping trip with the family. OK, so you might not think you are a camper, but have you tried? Or have you tried recently, in a facility that has modern bathrooms and not the pit toilets from decades ago?

Camping has probably changed a lot if you have not gone since you were a kid. The bathrooms have been upgraded at all of the modern facilities, because really, who wants to go and not feel clean and comfortable? Sure, you can find campgrounds with rustic sites available, but you don’t have to go without hot water unless you choose to anymore.

Campgrounds also cater to kids and families a lot more. There are theme weekends, where the campground staff plans activities, hosts games, makes crafts and entertains the kids (and adults in some cases) with various activities throughout the weekend. Some campgrounds even hire DJ or have karaoke machines brought in for dances on Saturday nights to keep everybody entertained.

Camping can still be done in a tent, a pop-up camper or an RV. You don’t have to invest a lot of money if you are starting out or thinking about getting back in to camping. SOme campgrounds even have mini-cabins for rent on site, so you can ease back in to the campground setting. Check it out first, if you like it again or this is a brand new hobby for you, then you can go wild and have a shopping spree to outfit yourself for camping.

No matter if it is this one weekend or if you camp multiple times with your family, make it memorable. Go on a hike, take some fishing poles, pack a swimsuit and a picnic basket. The kids will remember that weekend you went camping for a lot of years to come.


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