Take Safety Measures Before Traveling

Packing the bags, turning off the appliances, running the pets to the kennel…all are last minute details you need to take care of before traveling. These are needed things to do before a trip, but are they the most important things? Not really, when you look at the bigger picture. There are some other things you should consider doing before you travel, especially if you will be traveling without your children on this trip.

Not to sound like a pessimist or a glass half empty person, but do you have a will made out? In the case where you get to take a vacation away from your kids, you should seriously consider having one in place before you leave. Especially with the world in a state of alertness on terrorism, you really want to be safer rather than sorry.

Filling out a will is as easy as going to a lawyer’s office and giving them all the ins and outs of who gets custody of the kids and how to divide up the assets. A will can always be updated in the future if there are more children, an income changes or another life change changes. Paying a few hundred dollars for a will now can save many headaches in the future as well as give you peace of mind before you board an airplane, boat or jump in the car for a trip away.

Do you have your ducks in a row? This sounds like a broad statement, so how about do you have all of your phone numbers in place in case of a theft? For example, what if your purse or wallet were stolen on vacation? You should have a list of all your credit card accounts and their phone numbers to call immediately should you ever have to.  To take a step farther, you should clean out your purse and wallet and leave behind any credit cards – such as store cards or minor ones – so you aren’t carrying around more than you need to to tempt a thief.

Lastly, is your house being protected? Remember in the Home Alone movie where the burglars scoped out the neighborhood, looking for all of the people who were gone over Christmas? Make sure your house looks lived in if everyone will be gone for more than 5 days. Have the mail and the newspaper stopped so they don’t build up in the boxes. Have someone cut your grass (or shovel the sidewalk if it’s winter). Have a friend go inside and move the blinds up or down. Put lights on timers. Whatever you can do to make your house like occupied, do. It’s your biggest investment in life, so protect it when you leave it behind too!

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