Celebrate Mom in a Unique Way

Stop! Before you run out and buy your mom a hanging plant for her porch, think about it. Is that something she would want? Instead of running out at the last minute to see what the garden department has that is still decent looking, think. Is there something else your mom would like better?

Not every mom has a green thumb, so a potted plant, a hanging basket for the porch or a rosebush isn’t always the best idea. Even though it’s the thought that counts, make your thought really count this year. Here are some ways to make Mother’s Day unique this year.

–          Unique doesn’t mean expensive. A Mother’s Day gift can be something from the heart. Write a poem, craft a song, script a skit. These are great ways to personalize your sentiments to show mom exactly how much you care.

–          Some moms are green thumbs, but don’t just buy a potted plant. Is there a new species of flower she wants to try? Does she have heirloom rosebushes that could use special sheers? Think outside of the box when it comes to flowers. An accessory to the flower hobby is a great gift.

–          Make dinner! A unique meal with her favorite dishes is as appealing as going out to dinner is. It doesn’t matter what the food costs or where you go, it’s sitting down and enjoying it together.

–          Time. Above all else, give your time. A surprise visit, an hour or two over coffee – time is the greatest gift of all to spend with your mother, your grandmother or even your great grandmother. Strengthen the ties that brought you in to this world.

After all, life is short. It’s the small moments that count in life, not the expensively wrapped ones.  Happy Mother’s Day!

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