Pack Your Bags: Disney Family Vacation

Of all the vacations I went on as a kid, Disney World in Orlando, Florida takes the cake. There is no exaggeration behind their slogan, “the happiest place on earth”. It is truly a place where it is impossible to be in a bad mood. (If only we could make a monthly visit, huh ladies?) When I went with my Mom and Dad I was so excited that I was allowed to be bring my cousin. My older Brother was in college, so of course I needed a pal! There were so many memories made from that vacation. We went for 10 days, and even that wasn’t enough time to see everything Disney had to offer! I was only 15-years old, but at the end of each day 9or should I say “night”, I was exhausted. There is so much to see, you just want to keep going! I knew one day I would be back if I ever had children.

Seven years later I had a baby. Six years after that, I went back to Disney World with my daughter. We scheduled breakfast at Cinderella’s castle with the Disney characters. It was lovely. Pinocchio serving pancakes is about as surreal as it gets, while Cinderella is pouring your orange juice. The experience is amazing when you go to Disney World as kid, but seeing your little one at Disney World for the first time is every kind of happy and warm emotion that exists. You’re excited, you’re excited to see them excited. Emotional overload laced with a kick of laughter, tears, and song. Disney World is one of the few places where you are allowed to be a kid WITH your kid. I wore the Mickey ears proudly and danced all over the park.

If you are looking to save money while you’re vacationing, Disney World offers a tram that takes you in and out of the park. You can buzz back to your hotel or to a affordable restaurant if you do not want to pay the park prices for food. I recommended eating a big breakfast before you go for the extra fuel. This will also keep you on the go without getting hungry. Pack a snack like trail mix or granola bars. Trust me, once you hit the park, this may be one of the rare occasions when your children are constantly saying “I’m hungryyyyyyy!”

I wouldn’t reccomend going in the middle of summer. YOU WILL SWEAT. Taking a trip to Disney during the fall or winter months is more comfortable. Most of the rides are air conditioned, but the lines are a sweat factory in the summer.

Disney World offers great packages. I recommend going to a travel agency to help assist you with your Disney vacation. travel agents usually provide discounts on the Disney themed parks, airfare, lodging, and car rental. Disney World is a memory and when you’re there, it’s like living in a dream.

Create the dream, build the memories. Do Disney!

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