Pack Your Bags: Bahamas

You’re going to the Bahamas!  Well, only if you want to, of course.  The Bahamas might seem like it’s a honeymoon get-a-way but it is definitely a trip the whole family can take.  Why not take the week to go to the “Boating Capital Of The World?”  The Abacos Islands are known for boating and sailing.  Sailing is a great way to start off the day while visiting this island.  Have breakfast on the beach in the patio of your five-star hotel while the kids play in the sand.  The waters are very calm which will allow you to relax and know that your children are not swimming in rough waters.  There are teen centers and amazing pools at the hotels so there will always be fun for everyone.  There is no age limit!  Deals and packages are always available for an affordable, family price.  Grab your bright flowered shirts and head off into the sunset of the islands!

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