The Crowley Family

Harrison Ford was in the movie ‘Extraordinary Measures’ which was based on a true story of one family’s journey through illness.  Megan Crowley and her brother Patrick suffer from Pompe disease.  With this disease the muscles waste away and most people are very lucky to live past the age of nine.  This family has overcome the fear of death and continue to fight this illness together.  The oldest son, John Jr., was not diagnosed with this disease and can live a healthy lifestyle.  The miracle that has happened is that both Megan and Patrick have lived to be over ten years old.  They were blessed to have been able to be a part of the Red Carpet event that took place for the movie ‘Extraordinary Measures.’  The Crowley family is an inspiration to all families and it shows that you should never give up.  New medicines are being developed for Pompe disease so this family will never give up hope.  Stick together and stay strong!

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