Get Outside

It doesn’t matter what the weather is like you can always play outside.  Grab a ball and go to the beach.  Kick it around with the whole family.  Maybe even chase each other and see who can keep the ball the longest. If you are having snow flurries or it’s just really cold out there are still activities to do outside.  Dress each other up in the craziest clothes you can find that will help you keep warm and then you can all laugh about it when you walk outside.  If it’s snowing, the obvious thing to do is make a snowman or a snow angel.  If it’s just cold then take a short walk while you talk about your day.  It is always good to stay healthy and one of the best ways to do that is to have support.  The family can all get healthier faster if they stick together.  Activities outside are always great because you are able to have fresh air and there are more things to see.  Staying inside all day is never good for anyone so get one foot out the door followed by the other and close the door behind you.  Well, close the door after the whole family is outside!

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